Washington Monuments | Washington, D.C. | Morgan & Rob

Washington Monuments | Washington, D.C. | Morgan & Rob

Morgan & Rob

It was so much fun to do an engagement session with Morgan and Rob before their May 2023 wedding! The monuments in D.C. made for the perfect backdrop and we had gorgeous light which made the sunrise pictures really vibrant and dreamy. We also had a lot of fun capturing the champagne toast! Cheers to this happy couple and their upcoming wedding!

The Monuments in Washington, D.C.

The monuments in Washington, D.C. are a great backdrop for engagement and wedding pictures! We’ve taken many couples down to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool to capture a piece of this historic city in their pictures. Sunrise and sunset provide the best light to take pictures at these locations and can make for some really great “wow” moments. Morgan and Rob also took pictures at the World War One Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

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