Frederick, MD | Libby & Mary

Frederick, MD | Libby & Mary

Choosing a location for your engagement pictures can be a tough choice. There are so many visually interesting and fun locations to choose from in the Washington, D.C. area! Choosing a sentimental location (or locations) is also a route that many couples go. The restaurant where you had your first date, the home that you currently share with your partner or a nearby park where you go for a daily walk. These are all wonderful locations that can make your engagement pictures meaningful and serve as a time capsule years later when you and your partner look back at your pictures.

Frederick, Maryland

Libby and Mary decided to take their engagement pictures in and around the town they live in, Frederick Maryland. Frederick is located less than an hour from Washington D.C., and has a small town charm complete with museums, scenic landscapes, breweries and lots of history. Frederick provided a lovely backdrop, including the historical covered bridges that are located in Frederick County.

Libby & Mary

It was so much fun to capture this beautiful couple at home with their sweet pets and also around the town that they call home! We’re very much looking forward to their upcoming wedding and capturing more special moments like these.

A couple gazing at each other while standing between two brick walls in Frederick, MD
A couple embracing outside in front of a wall with vines
A couple kissing on the front step of a white house
A couple embracing outside with a sunset in the background

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