Photography and a Pandemic

Photography and a Pandemic

I wanted to take some time to go over what I have been doing during this time of quarantine and social distancing. Over the past 3 months life has been turned upside down for many people and now resembles something that is difficult to navigate and even recognize.

As a photographer, my passion and livelihood is based on capturing the important moments that make up the lives of my clients. When that had to ground to a halt it left me feeling helplessness and sorrow for myself, but more so for my clients.

Their lives could not pause. Babies were still being born, pregnant bellies were still growing, birthdays still came and went, holidays still slipped by, and moments still mattered. I couldn’t be there. I couldn’t capture them.

So in an effort to create something and to document moments that were slipping through the cracks, I picked up my phone. The following series of images were all sessions done through FaceTime or phone video chat. These sessions allowed me to safely capture clients in their home, while I stayed in mine. It became a creative outlet for myself and my clients, and truly reflected the season of life that we all find ourselves currently navigating.

Photography is such an important tool in our lives, giving us the opportunity to maintain a visual connection to the past and pausing the fleeting moments of life so that they can be enjoyed indefinitely. These sessions will forever have a special place in my heart because they came when, for many, they were needed the most.

Colorado: Hayden’s Senior Prom
Virginia: Meredith on Mother’s Day
Virginia: Avery
Virginia: The Hobb’s Family
California: Bella
Missouri: The Laurion Family
Michigan: Kayla’s Senior Prom
Maryland: The Preston Family and a new baby on the way
Philippines: Filomena and 80th Birthday
Virginia: Jeremy’s Senior Prom
Maryland: The Leventhal Family and their new home

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