Deck the halls…

Deck the halls…

Here is one tradition I can’t help but be giddy for every year! Picking out the Christmas Tree! We are lucky enough to live very close to Cox Farms which is just one of the coolest places, especially if you have kids. Of course they have an amazing set up during the Fall, but they really make Christmas tree shopping magical (and crazy easy!).

The day after Thanksgiving we pack up the girls and head over to get our tree so we can have it up as long as possible. It gives me that same vibe I had as a kid when we’d pile into the car and go trample through the forest and cut down a tree with a saw. Except….no trampling or sharp objects. We just point to the one we want and the awesome team at Cox Farms does the rest, LOL! We finish the adventure by getting fresh donuts, hanging around the fire pit, seeing the animals, and running around all over the place!

Making memories around the holidays is so important and I know these images will mean so much to them as each year goes by.

Happy Holidays!

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