All the nothing moments

All the nothing moments

It’s no wonder that Seinfeld was a huge hit. It was a “show about nothing” and everyone relates to that. Don’t we often look at our own life and see the mundane, the uneventful, the repetition, the nothing? It certainly doesn’t seem worth documenting on camera most days. But that is exactly what I encourage you all to do!

Although the raw and unexpected moments are what I focus on capturing for my clients I sometimes forget to capture my own life in this same way. It is easy to look around at the dirty dishes in the sink, the toys on the floor, the clutter, the mess….and think this is not suitable for a picture. But what you are really saying is that “this is not worth remembering”.

Our lives will always be messy, that’s what life is. Even I have to remind myself to pick up my camera before this chaos is gone and new chaos takes its place. Even if it is just for a few moments to remember the occasional dress up or stair climbing victories.

Don’t wait for your life to look perfect. It’s busy, messy, disorganized, and wonderfully unique. Capture the smiles, the tears, the mess; because it will only be a short time before you long for those moments again.

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