The Jung Family

The Jung Family

I walked up to a beautiful colonial home and the first thing I saw was a little face peaking at me through the glass windows framing the door. Then there was two! I could tell that they were full of energy and that it was going to be a fun filled morning!

The Jung family was busy getting ready for their day as I captured all the little moments that we so often forget to savor as we go about our everyday lives. After a wonderful tour of the toy room and the children’s room by a fun and energetic little girl, it was off to the play ground where the whole family got in on the action!

Swings, play sets, slides, and a beautiful day in November. What could be better? It was a day full of fun, energy, and family and I was so honored that I was able to help capture this time in their lives so that they can relive it for years to come!


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