It happens every year…

It happens every year…

Each year we gather around our favorite person and remember the day that they were brought into this world. Celebrating someones birthday can be a small intimate affair or it can be an over the top extravaganza lasting days! But however, you celebrate, remember that this person is someone you love and the memories that you create on this day are important to everyone involved. We put so much effort into planing, cooking, inviting, and partying, so why wouldn’t we plan to capture this day with professional photographs? It’s time to put down the iPhone and grab a piece of cake. Participation is key to celebration!

Here’s a look at one of my favorite 1st Birthdays for inspiration!

Happy Birthday Caitlin!

I was so happy to be spend a beautiful Saturday morning celebrating Caitlin’s 1st Birthday! She is such a spunky and fun little girl – always on the go! You can tell she enjoyed sharing her special day with friends and family.

Cake, presents, and ladybugs….what more could a girl ask for?!?!

Thanks to the whole family for letting me share in such a special day!

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